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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Why So Stubborn

Just after few days of her birth she was subjected to hatred.
No, she was not considered to be the princess rather 
just because of her gender she was parted.
Masculinity never came forward that day 
to rescue her from facing that distress further.

In that chilly winter night, on her way back to home,
some inebriated eyes were trying to hone
their lust, hatred,wrath or "immaturity" on her.
No, there was no one to show their masculinity. 
On that time, it was her feminist self only that helped her rather.

From the very first month of her life
when her mother  was her only support.
She used to play alone on the lap of her six year old sibling.
No, there was no sign masculinity that day to add up some vibe.

The day she found her friends are getting pampered for 
their annual achievements in school.
She enjoyed the glee of good percentile alone 
with her feminist self, there was no presence of masculinity to adore. 

When all the teenager girls of her age, 
frightened to see a hungry wolf out of its cage,
there was no masculinity present that day to boost up her courage.
Hot sweat, faster heartbeat and tensed situation which she handled alone
with her feminist self helped to increase her feminist rage. 

Now-a-days people judge her for having stubborn  behavior.
A pixie haircut lady who knows nothing but to abhor,
those masculine clan and every step a man makes.
But, you people will never understand how much it takes,
when an evil thought takes charge then a tender mind wrecks. 

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Lament From Lullaby

A lady is enduring that severe pain tonight.
She is hopeful in spite of this grinning pain that 
the next day a tiny, flabby hand will hold her hand tight.

A baby boy, whose welcome in his family will see a grandeur. 
Though she tried to arrange such things for his elder sister
yet both approval and success backfired that endeavor. 

She starts to memorize all the lullabies she know.
The increasing Del (unit)  of pain failed to foil her 
imagination that holds her unborn baby's view.

But, her happiness turns into helplessness on the very next day.
How can the Omnipotence  be such ruthless??
A girlchild  instead of boy will just add up her dismay.

A cold wave of disappointment feels up her heart.
How can she face their furious threat??
According to whom, a girl can never touch the greatness as a boy do. 
She found it very surprising how her 
lullabies of previous day have turned into laments in few minutes. 

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Needs and Deeds

The baby is sleeping on the cold asphalt footpath.
Continuous negligence and ignorance has soaked all its mirth.
Neither parents nor any glamorous heart of the world celebrated its birth.
The only thing it's rearing about the society is a heart full of wrath.

This footpath leads to a posh bungalow of millions.
Two newcomers of this house are already well-known to be the precious scion.
Their life is full of love, pamper cuddle and smiles
in short it is as colorful as beautiful crayons.

A girl, who had completely ignored by her family
just being a girl can be taken as a simile.
She faces continuous denial of love and affection from
her loved one because they think she can cope-up with this situation easily.

Her closest friend, on the other side, 
always trusted that everybody of this world is so kind.
For being a "princess" of her family she
always know that everybody throw love at her to bind.

An unemployed youth keeps strolling through city footpath.
No one can imagine the extent of his wrath.
The graffiti on the wall have witnessed alone,
how time hastened the waning of his initial mirth.

But one can not but be perplexed,
how a boy of same age of a well-to-do family
never encounters such ignorance and hatred.
Your needs should always be as per your deeds is a right things which they have said. 

Saturday, 13 January 2018

A Letter To Him

Hi my love, wherever you are right now.
You will have to take some important vow.

Since my childhood days I was being told,
how a girl should get fit into a girly mold.
Otherwise, it will be harder for her parents to 
tag her as praiseworthy and she could not have been sold.

But, I have trust on you, whoever you may be.
You will definitely be the one who will set my soul free. 
Just like the shrubs are taken cared by a big tree.
You will come to my life to add up some glee.

Since my childhood days I was being told,
why it is important to be fit into a girly mold.
As my intentions and mindset were always bold.
So, the perception of the society regarding me was always cold.

But, my inner-voice is hopeful enough 
that you, as my future partner, are not going to be so tough.  
We will take it to the higher position of that graph,
comprising our happiness, celebrations and each little staff. 

Since my childhood days I was being told,
how girls should abide by every little curve of that girly mold.
It was known to me from day one that
you are the decider of my fate irrespective of how much I am old.

I never thought you as a tyrant decider of my fate.
According to my dream, you will be the one
with whom all of my dreams can have been met.
For whom, living life with his beloved one will be the ultimate goal,
and the rules and regulations of a women's behavior will not be pre-set.

I have a strong belief on my intuition.
You can never be just an illusion.
I belief, one day in my life I will come across with you,
and that day my love and life will find a certain destination. 

Monday, 18 December 2017


A cold flow of fear runs down through her spine.
Never thought that all of her struggles will go in vein.
All of childhood days had been spent with a wish,
that someday everything will be fine.

In the very first morning of her life, she got threatened. 
In her mom's womb she felt much frightened. 
All they want was to wash out her existence,
for that, every kind of precautions had been tightened. 

In spite of all such conspiracies, she came.
They left only with their bad luck to blame. 
Her mother was a lone soul in this cruel world
who thanked the creator for blessing her with a gem.

Since then, she fought with every stereotype thought.
No one wasted any opportunity to incur a blot
not only on her character but also on her dignity.
Her life was just like the dry and barren soil of drought. 

After many years of hardships in her life.
She had found her love, that added a positive vibe.
But the day that heart hurt her like hell,
her life became porous and fragile like an old and emptied bee hive.

He accused of her being an unsocial soul.
how can he understand that her life was an elegy of dole?
Getting some gentle touch of love was her life's only goal.
That has also get broken with his unkind troll.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Humanity 2.0

Tyranny and autocracy are matters of past now.
People are choosing the path of democracy the path of democracy somehow. 
Humanity is preferred over inhuman behavior. 
Laws of rights to know and to protect are the two main savior. 

In ancient time, people were stopped to say
anything that could have been insulting for the rulers. 
Now the protesters are falling into the trap as pray
as the goons are more prone to destroy the crusaders. 

In those days protesters use to face 
some gruesome and heart-wrenching punishments.
Today the protesters are being met 
with most cruel ending of their life and fate.

In those days people use to know,
that any word against the throne can destroy their lives. 
Now, people fears to follow to follow the flow
as they know that those procedures will only invite some negative vibes. 

In those era, people used to be killed directly for their deeds.
Now many laws provides opportunities as quicksands that only misleads,
as raising your voice against the rulers is considered to be a seditious seed. 

Monday, 4 December 2017

Beam of Hope

A ray of dim sunlight is entering in my room.
May this be capable enough to erase the gloom.

The precious childhood are ruining under expectations.
Can they ever get a touch of gentle rejuvenation? 
Let pledge to that first beam of light
to make their life and smile more bright.

Some group of people tolerate daily humiliation
because they are not happy enough with their gender orientation.
The whole world is making laugh at them and 
abusing them as they intending to undergo transformation. 
Can this ray bring any difference in that situation? 

Old age homes are inundating with growing number of elders.
Lacking the much needed love from their family mates.
As those family members are busy to be social crusaders
on social networks and time for family is something what lacks.
Can this ray of light is powerful enough to change those fates?

People are forgetting their duties of safeguarding
our mother nature everyday.
Can this ray of hope be helpful to 
change this mentality in anyway?

Women of that forbidden land are foiling the chances
of violence and crimes on another lady.
But the society is lacking the interest to 
treat them with proper attitude and solidarity.
Let pledge the light to brighten the life the lives of those women
which is the urgent necessity. 

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Soul of Soil

Keep your feet upon it, a wet layer will touch you.
A connection with your root can be felt too.
The root of you and the whole world is connected through.
But you never mind to pollute it.
Stinking garbage is standing tall on its feet.
No greenery is there to retain the soil fit.

Closely standing skyscrapers are taking its test.
This layer of soil is bearing much weight on its chest.
The planning of such terrible wrong are being done in jest.
 No one is caring to admit the prevailing threat.

A little tremble from the inner crust of soil
may cause a catastrophic turmoil.
That day everything will face a maximum spoil.
Nothing can be rejuvenated then even after a hard toil.
A little lash of river wave will be enough
for taking the portion of land to engulf.
In those days retaining such hard earned modernized
creation and civilization will be really tough.       

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

A Hungry Lens

A man is adjusting the lens.
A perfect snap of this pic will give him much credence.
It have to get clicked asap or the vulture will fly away
and the situation will get tampered, it makes him tense. 

The ribs of that child is playing the role of a cage.
Which is captivating the life forcibly to increase her age.
her life seems to be a burden to her so she wants 
to be from this and shaking in rage. 

A ravenous beak is dying to fork-out the flesh
from her body which is made of nothing but skin and bones.
But the lens-man is stick to his resolutions. 
Let the baby go to the dogs just snap the moment
and be the part of those thousands flashes.
Don't take much stress. 

No one never cared if she escaped that ill-fate or not.
Everybody appreciated the lens-man for his good taste,
techniques and acumen choice of plot.
Thus, an inhuman treatment of a human got recorded as a blot.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

An Urge to UN

Now-a-days two neighboring countries (India and Bangladesh) is facing the same pressure due to the surge in number in Rohingya refugees. After facing much distress in their homeland thousands of Rohingya Muslims  are fleeing from their homeland. India is tightening its border security along Manipur-Myanmar border to stop the influx. The native people of Assam has urged to apex court to stop the refugee entry as they are already suffering much due to such illegal trespassing from Bangladesh. 

India is also very keen to deport the Rohingya, living here whose UN card is about to complete the living permit timeline. The urge from the government and the country men is not irrelevant because the growing population of India is not only causing unemployment but also restricting the country to achieve many other development targets.

In this situation the influx of huge mass can be proved threatening for India. But if we consider the situation of those homeless people through humanistic point of view then we can realise the height of helplessness they are facing right now. Sudden deportation from their motherland has left them in the face threat for lifetime. Few days back similar fate was faced by the Middle-East refugees who were fleeing to different countries of Europe through Turkey. 

In that time, the different norms and rules in different countries had played havoc with their basic human right. The corpse of little Aylan Kurdi was the most vocal proof against it. 

Regarding these situations taking place at different part of our world. UN can now vacate an island for refugees where they of any problem-torn country can get a warm welcome to live better to be said to survive. Where they need not have to face such a huge breach of human rights in every minutes in their life. 

The visa to enter in that supposed "Refugeeland" should be the UN refugee card to a person. The race, religion, motherland, language and culture will have no roles to play for those entrants. Will the idea be helpful for refugees who face sudden deportation from their motherland like Rohingyas?  Will this idea can come handy to tackle refugee crisis all over the world? 

Saturday, 28 October 2017


An invisible spyglass is watching you dear.
No matter whether you are far or near.

A spy is watching your get-up, attitude and dress.
Girls behave right else you you will face the punishments. 
Skewing social dogma is considered as a curse
and the spy has noted that you have done that mess.

Sleepless eyes are guarding my motherland.
Firearms have been held strong in their hand.
The espionage has also trespassed
to turn that sturdy ground into a  quicksand.

A pair of eyes are watching you in the busiest road.
Checking your everyday fashion, changes in your representation.
They are saying it is a step to provide your better safety.
They don't bother if it records your moods or what you have board.

A pair of hidden eyes are watching you in hostel room.
Don't get over confident to see all the glitters of a posh area,
it is watching you in lavatory and in trail-room.   
So that bidding of your body and soul can be eased in global market soon.

No matter how far or where you go.
You can never come to know.
Unwanted espionage is an inevitable thing
and it is unstoppable from its bad habit to follow. 

What are you talking about? 
Ah!!!! about individual secrecy and public rights. 
Those things you have to forgo. 
Otherwise, they will drive you slow. 

Friday, 13 October 2017

Lettering of The Unspoken Grief

They are saying this red dress isn't for me.
A fairer lady can look beautiful wearing it only. 
Mom, you didn't ever crushed your daughter's spree.
Am I really beautiful? or you had lied to me !

They are saying this gown isn't for me.
To look good in that dress I have to become more skinny.
Mom, you used to say, "my beautiful princess is she".
Am I really look like a princess? or you had lied to me !

They are saying that diamond tiara is not for me.
How can such priced piece suit to a monkey faced lady??
But for you mom, I was more priced than any gem or jewelry.
Am I really valuable mom? or you had lied to me !

You all time nurtured and valued my inner quality.
You believed it has nothing to do with my beauty.
Am I really priceless mom? or you had lied to me ! 

Friday, 6 October 2017


Hi there, where are you going?
Have you taken the colorful mask with you?
Promise me..
Even in a toughest point of time, that succumbing agony 
you will not be showing.

 It is all about being harlequins.
You have to put up this mask
irrespective of how weird it seems. 

What? you are a strong man !!
Whenever you have to prove your firmness
inspite of your joblessness,
you will need the mask, you will need this damn.

What? you are an octogenarian !!
Whenever you have to hide the agony
of living apart from your children and family,
that colorful mask will be your only companion. 

O!! you are a beautiful lady !!
When you turn the grief of 
humiliation into an enviable sparkling smile, 
this mask is the only thing that can come handy.

Life is a harlequinade.
Whoever you are, wherever you live.
No one is out of this thread.