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Monday, 25 February 2019

Book Review: YES, I MET MARUTI by Daxesh Trivedi

Welcome to bookworm's den! So, the title "Book of The Month" goes to "Yes, I Met Maruti" written by Daxesh Trivedi. I am so glad to share with you guys that it was an amazing journey to read out the book. It took a week to complete the whole story. I just want to say a big thanks to Author Daxesh Trivedi for sharing this vivid story with us.

                           (Don't Forget to add this gem into your Book Gallery)

Yes, I Met Maruti is the tale of a common university goer Jay. How does career and love life gets entangled with each other is the main focal point of the whole story. The story took me to a vibrant land of colors and charm called Gujrat where the story is mainly based in. The easy and neat flow of language makes the book reading journey comfortable. Sometimes, love, career, and passion demand the same quantity of attention from us and our choice of ways among them decides our priority. Apart from a vibrant life story, Yes, I Met Maruti takes the reader to a Saurashtrian voyage which is another sweet part of the book. A cute picture of a small "Gada of Maruti" upon the "a" of "Maruti" seems the sweetest part of the book cover. I loved it.

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A Bookworm's Helping Hand to Another One From Her Clan:  https://www.flipkart.com/yes-met-maruti/p/itmfchmetfgpgqre?pid=9789353470456&lid=LSTBOK97893534704561KUN6L&marketplace=FLIPKART&srno=s_1_1&otracker=search&fm=SEARCH&iid=ad95424a-87db-408a-8290-08464258723a.9789353470456.SEARCH&ppt=CLP&ppn=CLP%3Abooks-store&ssid=2k4nvaj4hc0000001551104449866&qH=88cd617fb498e463A Bookworm's helping hand to another from her clan: https://www.flipkart.com/yes-met-maruti/p/itmfchmetfgpgqre?pid=9789353470456&lid=LSTBOK97893534704561KUN6L&marketplace=FLIPKART&srno=s_1_1&otracker=search&fm=SEARCH&iid=ad95424a-87db-408a-8290-08464258723a.9789353470456.SEARCH&ppt=CLP&ppn=CLP%3Abooks-store&ssid=2k4nvaj4hc0000001551104449866&qH=88cd617fb498e463

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Authors Interview: Dr. Manisha Yadava

1. How will you describe your writing journey till now?
Ans: My journey has been rather smooth and good I’ve learned a lot and try to incorporate new things in my writing. I’ve been appreciated a lot for my writing and appreciation always feels good. 

2. Do you think regional language literature is facing any kind of threat from English literature nowadays?
Ans:  Yes! Regional language literature is facing threat from English because the younger generation just not want to read anything other than English, hence the regional literature is dying out. 

3. How will you describe the connection of poetry with our daily life?
Ans: Things I write about related to things that happen in my day-to-day life I just refine them and pen them down
4. How do you think that a writer's own life influences his/her thoughts which they pen down?
Ans: writer’ own life may or may not influence his/thoughts, as a writer one tries to look into a lot of perspectives and emotions , he/she even writes according to 3rd person point of view. 

5. How and when you discovered your passion for writing?
Ans: like I’ve said earlier , I didn’t choose writing rather writing has chosen me. I started playing with the world when I was in 9th class. 

6. What is the most difficult part of writing and publishing a book according to you?
Ans: Sometime , we do get stuck and are not able to move forward with our writing , it’s not always easy to pen your thoughts. 
Where as publishing I’d concerned it’s not difficult you just have to find a good publisher for yourself. 
7. From your initial days to today's scenario, how it feels when you look back to your journey?
Ans: I think I’ve grown a lot , I look at all my failures and struggles with utmost pride , everything has taught me something and I’m thankful for everything. 

8. What are the common trap that should be avoided by the new commers into the literature world? What will be your advice to them?
Ans: the game is not about earning money , your goal should be to touch the hearts of the masses , one should write for the people not for the money. 

9. How was your experience during your initial days? Who inspired you the most in this journey?
Ans : In 2014 my kids urged me to create my Facebook page(Mere khayal). The success of my page and my kids inspired me to compile my thoughts in the form of a book. In 2017 I approached Notion press and from there my journey began.

10. How was your feeling when you held your first published book for the first time?

Ans: It’s felt the same as holding my first born did. I was filled with joy , it was a special feeling , I can’t forget the day I held my 1st published book for the 1st time.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Book Review by LITEROMA PUBLISHING SERVICES:: "Flights of Fantasy" by Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

** Thanks to the author for sharing a review copy of the book.**

"Flights of Fantasy" by Dr. Sujata Chatterjee is a collection of thirteen short stories written in simple English language. Some of them really stand apart even compared to other contemporary popular books by marquee writers. I loved these two stories 'Granny's day out' and 'The holiday project' especially because of their story concept and differential thoughts expressed by the author. 

The cover design of the book is very different from the usual ones we keep finding these days that may be because of another striking aspect of the book and that is none other than the publisher - The London Miscellany. This book looks more like a sophisticated international magazine than a typical storybook and that's the beauty. 

For a reader, the differential aspects of this book earn it an additional star in the rating. I enjoyed reading the book very much.

Overall Literoma rates it as 5*/5* and recommends for relaxing reading.

Saturday, 20 October 2018


My soft skin get wounded and stressed,
but I fail to protest every time.
My lips are stitched in such a way that shows a smile
and not allowed to get puckered. 

My adorable soft colorful hands get scratched
but I fail to protest every time. 
Just because it's your show in which I work
you keep pulling the strings that are attached. 

My eyes, those cheerful eyes get drenched.
Not in tears of pain but due to strain,
but I fail to close them in that time too.
It reminds me those dreadful outcomes that I faced.

My soft colorful clothes are getting torn.
My cheerful smile and shine are fading away.
But I have to keep my mouth shut anyway,
as not my pain but my smiles are adorned. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2018


পাহাড় চূড়ায় ঘর বেঁধেছি তোমায় একলা পাবো বলে,
চলতে গিয়ে থমকে দাঁড়াই তোমার সঙ্গে যাবো বলে। 
চারিপাশের বন্ধ দুয়ার খুলে যদি দাঁড়াই আবার চাইবো 
তুমি পাশে থাকো তোমার সঙ্গ চাই বলে।  
হাজার আলোর মহল ছেড়ে তারায় মোড়া আকাশটিরে 
করতে চাই আবার আপন, সে শুধু তোমার প্রিয় বলে।  

পাহাড় চূড়ায় ঘর বেঁধেছি তোমায় একলা পাবো বলে,
চলতে গিয়ে থমকে দাঁড়াই তোমার সঙ্গে যাবো বলে। 
এমনি করেই চাই যদি রোজ তোমায় করে নিতে আপন 
পাবো  ফিরে সেই  তোমাকে, আঁধার কালো হলে ?
মনের মাঝে প্রশ্ন যত  ভুলে থাকি অবিরত 
চেনা তোমায় বানায় যে পর সে ভয়ে ভীত বলে।  

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

An Angry Girl's Dillemma

She gets angry on you when she lacks,
the way she sees others get loved by them. 
She thinks as her very own beloved person,
you should know the hacks. 

She gets angry on you when she lacks,
the way she sees others get pampered on their victory.
She thinks as her very own beloved man,
you should also know the hacks.

She gets angry on you when she lacks,
the extent of support others are getting during their crisis. 
She thinks as her very own redeemer.
you should also know her troubles and facts. 

She gets angry on you when she lacks,
the way they made them laugh during their days of tears.
She thinks as her very own beloved soul,
you should know, how to stay firm and keep the promises intact.  

She gets angry on you when she get fooled,
to see everyone expect her is getting the things as per the promises.
She thinks as her very own supportive one, you befooled her.
Thus, the theory of true and pure love gets overruled. 

Monday, 18 June 2018

Silence Has Chosen Her

She hasn't chosen silence, silence has chosen her.
She wanted to be vivacious and naive, 
she wanted to be surrounded with love.
But, it is not always true for all to be supported by their star. 

She hasn't chosen silence, silence chosen her.
Whenever she tried to hug tightly her love,
she felt the indifference from their side.
Failure of her repeated attempts has turned her hopes blur. 

She hasn't chosen silence, silence has chosen her.
Whenever she tried to minimise the distance,
she attacked with insult and vehement ignorance. 
Gradually, she started to believe there is really nobody to care.

She hasn't chosen silence, silence has chosen her.
Whenever, she believed that she will get someone
beside her to support though she witnessed something else.
Thus, the route of her destiny becomes much clearer. 

She hasn't chosen silence, silence has chosen her.
Whenever, she tried to put her jovial self 
in front of others, they reminded her she is a mismatch.
Thus, silence and mystery happily and quite obviously engulfed her nature.  

Monday, 21 May 2018

That Falling Leaf

A dry and browned leaf is just about to kiss the ground.
A gentle touch of love and care was the only thing,
this leaf was deprived of but it never relied on a much known fact
that those things are rare to be found.

Today, when it got friendly disconnected from the tree.
It lost its all hopes, joy and growing spree.
Somewhere it may have believed that 
there will always be some thing which will set its soul free.

But it never wanted such barren life,
rather it never left any stone unturned to thrive.
It looked at every gentle touch, caring hand.
As if, it may be that desired gem, capable of bringing back its lost vibe. 

May be, the disposer had laughed at that time,
not by knowing the unforeseen future but, 
to see the extent of insanity of that life.
Nobody is going to show love to a dying leaf;
until it start living itself by loving itself,
this is something which helps to add up the charm.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Before You Say It All

You are just like sunbeam,
who likes to destroy the untidy and unwanted thing.
The one who likes to clear all barriers by himself
rather than complaining about your sadness and making gruesome scream.

You are much happy with what you are.
Never expect anybody to be your crutch
during the time you cry helplessly in that stagnant hour.

But someday you come across with them.
They tried their best to make you more
vivacious and vibrant in accordance with their claim.

In those days they guessed about the presence
of a stinking hollow in your past.
They make you believe that only opening up those yellow pages
before them is the only door to gain your social acceptance. 

Your rusted iron soul now started breathing.
Such vibrant acceptance and support are something 
which you are looking for years.
Now you have started to open those pages, the mystery around you and everything.

Few days later you find them to be the most unknown soul.
After knowing everything about you they are more 
likely to retain a safe distance with such an abnormal life.
So, you repent for trusting them before you say it all. 

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Urge For the Ultimate Destination

Everyday in her life was the same. 
There was no one around her to blame.
Actually it was her fate that turns out to be rude.
Otherwise, no one has the gut to tolerate such attitude. 

Everyday in her life was the proof.
There are something in his tenure which was a goof. 
It was a shuttering truth for her that
her life's journey was facing a terrible wrath.

Everyday of her life was a pain.
There is no chance to have some gain.
No one ever cared about the cause of her grudge
though there was many people out there to judge.

Everyday of her life was an exam.
Though there was no chance for any other to see any harm.
She was quite tired of all this drama and toil.
It was beyond her thoughts how can the society be so cruel.

Everyday of her life was an irony.
That makes laugh at her lifelong agony.
No one ever came forward to stand by.
Everybody out there was eager to make her cry.

Everyday of her life was a harsh interview.
Everyday she faced same questions, there were nothing new.
For the ruthless society she was just like a devil's incarnation.
She herself and the society too were much eager 
for her faster journey to the ultimate destination. 

Thursday, 15 March 2018

He Could Have Love Her More

He could love her more.
She just knows the extent of yelling 
can left a baby in a bitter trauma.
A baby girl who never knew about love afore.

He could love her more.
She just knows how her presence and value 
was measured by the bucks she earns.
The girl who never heard of love afore.

He could love her more.
She just felt the heart-wrenching discriminations,
she faced with one of her most notorious brother.
She never felt the equality in love before.

He could love her more.
She heard it from her friends of her age
that not everyone from a clan shows the similar rage.
She was perplexed to find the measurable truth that was known to her before.

Now, she doesn't even rely on love or adore.
 In the deep in her mind love is something which she loves to abhor.
But, a corner of her pained heart still says,
he could have love me more. 

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Why So Stubborn

Just after few days of her birth she was subjected to hatred.
No, she was not considered to be the princess rather 
just because of her gender she was parted.
Masculinity never came forward that day 
to rescue her from facing that distress further.

In that chilly winter night, on her way back to home,
some inebriated eyes were trying to hone
their lust, hatred,wrath or "immaturity" on her.
No, there was no one to show their masculinity. 
On that time, it was her feminist self only that helped her rather.

From the very first month of her life
when her mother  was her only support.
She used to play alone on the lap of her six year old sibling.
No, there was no sign masculinity that day to add up some vibe.

The day she found her friends are getting pampered for 
their annual achievements in school.
She enjoyed the glee of good percentile alone 
with her feminist self, there was no presence of masculinity to adore. 

When all the teenager girls of her age, 
frightened to see a hungry wolf out of its cage,
there was no masculinity present that day to boost up her courage.
Hot sweat, faster heartbeat and tensed situation which she handled alone
with her feminist self helped to increase her feminist rage. 

Now-a-days people judge her for having stubborn  behavior.
A pixie haircut lady who knows nothing but to abhor,
those masculine clan and every step a man makes.
But, you people will never understand how much it takes,
when an evil thought takes charge then a tender mind wrecks. 

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Lament From Lullaby

A lady is enduring that severe pain tonight.
She is hopeful in spite of this grinning pain that 
the next day a tiny, flabby hand will hold her hand tight.

A baby boy, whose welcome in his family will see a grandeur. 
Though she tried to arrange such things for his elder sister
yet both approval and success backfired that endeavor. 

She starts to memorize all the lullabies she know.
The increasing Del (unit)  of pain failed to foil her 
imagination that holds her unborn baby's view.

But, her happiness turns into helplessness on the very next day.
How can the Omnipotence  be such ruthless??
A girlchild  instead of boy will just add up her dismay.

A cold wave of disappointment feels up her heart.
How can she face their furious threat??
According to whom, a girl can never touch the greatness as a boy do. 
She found it very surprising how her 
lullabies of previous day have turned into laments in few minutes.