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Coveted Sojourn To The Sky

Let it fly, let it fly For long the bird was introvert and shy Never misunderstand its wish to touch the limit of sky,
Let it fly, let it fly That is something for which it has never stopped to try The hardest toil it has ever faced for the sake of flying one can never deny,
Let it fly, let it fly  Do not ever try to stop it from reaching that high Otherwise, a dream will have been forced to die Let it fly, let it fly
This scorching summer likely burn some less to the people of our country (read India) in recent days than the pathetic tag of war between India and Pakistan on various political and social issues. Every one has the write to support his/her homeland and their compatriots but it seems like some people in our country is much interested to instigate people against their homeland so that they start to believe that India and her people are solely responsible for all of everything. It is really very suspicious that why will some people be eager for spoiling the respect of their own country? Why will they sympathize for a neighboring country which is causing much difficulties for their homeland? Two things can be marked responsible for this situation. First one can be any veiled instigation of some handful people to the whole society. That kind of separatists sometimes uses regional, racial, social and religion related issues for fulfilling their ill-planning. The second factor in this regard…