Sunday, 19 November 2017

Soul of Soil

Keep your feet upon it, a wet layer will touch you.
A connection with your root can be felt too.
The root of you and the whole world is connected through.
But you never mind to pollute it.
Stinking garbage is standing tall on its feet.
No greenery is there to retain the soil fit.

Closely standing skyscrapers are taking its test.
This layer of soil is bearing much weight on its chest.
The planning of such terrible wrong are being done in jest.
 No one is caring to admit the prevailing threat.

A little tremble from the inner crust of soil
may cause a catastrophic turmoil.
That day everything will face a maximum spoil.
Nothing can be rejuvenated then even after a hard toil.
A little lash of river wave will be enough
for taking the portion of land to engulf.
In those days retaining such hard earned modernized
creation and civilization will be really tough.       

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

A Hungry Lens

A man is adjusting the lens.
A perfect snap of this pic will give him much credence.
It have to get clicked asap or the vulture will fly away
and the situation will get tampered, it makes him tense. 

The ribs of that child is playing the role of a cage.
Which is captivating the life forcibly to increase her age.
her life seems to be a burden to her so she wants 
to be from this and shaking in rage. 

A ravenous beak is dying to fork-out the flesh
from her body which is made of nothing but skin and bones.
But the lens-man is stick to his resolutions. 
Let the baby go to the dogs just snap the moment
and be the part of those thousands flashes.
Don't take much stress. 

No one never cared if she escaped that ill-fate or not.
Everybody appreciated the lens-man for his good taste,
techniques and acumen choice of plot.
Thus, an inhuman treatment of a human got recorded as a blot.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

An Urge to UN

Now-a-days two neighboring countries (India and Bangladesh) is facing the same pressure due to the surge in number in Rohingya refugees. After facing much distress in their homeland thousands of Rohingya Muslims  are fleeing from their homeland. India is tightening its border security along Manipur-Myanmar border to stop the influx. The native people of Assam has urged to apex court to stop the refugee entry as they are already suffering much due to such illegal trespassing from Bangladesh. 

India is also very keen to deport the Rohingya, living here whose UN card is about to complete the living permit timeline. The urge from the government and the country men is not irrelevant because the growing population of India is not only causing unemployment but also restricting the country to achieve many other development targets.

In this situation the influx of huge mass can be proved threatening for India. But if we consider the situation of those homeless people through humanistic point of view then we can realise the height of helplessness they are facing right now. Sudden deportation from their motherland has left them in the face threat for lifetime. Few days back similar fate was faced by the Middle-East refugees who were fleeing to different countries of Europe through Turkey. 

In that time, the different norms and rules in different countries had played havoc with their basic human right. The corpse of little Aylan Kurdi was the most vocal proof against it. 

Regarding these situations taking place at different part of our world. UN can now vacate an island for refugees where they of any problem-torn country can get a warm welcome to live better to be said to survive. Where they need not have to face such a huge breach of human rights in every minutes in their life. 

The visa to enter in that supposed "Refugeeland" should be the UN refugee card to a person. The race, religion, motherland, language and culture will have no roles to play for those entrants. Will the idea be helpful for refugees who face sudden deportation from their motherland like Rohingyas?  Will this idea can come handy to tackle refugee crisis all over the world? 

Saturday, 28 October 2017


An invisible spyglass is watching you dear.
No matter whether you are far or near.

A spy is watching your get-up, attitude and dress.
Girls behave right else you you will face the punishments. 
Skewing social dogma is considered as a curse
and the spy has noted that you have done that mess.

Sleepless eyes are guarding my motherland.
Firearms have been held strong in their hand.
The espionage has also trespassed
to turn that sturdy ground into a  quicksand.

A pair of eyes are watching you in the busiest road.
Checking your everyday fashion, changes in your representation.
They are saying it is a step to provide your better safety.
They don't bother if it records your moods or what you have board.

A pair of hidden eyes are watching you in hostel room.
Don't get over confident to see all the glitters of a posh area,
it is watching you in lavatory and in trail-room.   
So that bidding of your body and soul can be eased in global market soon.

No matter how far or where you go.
You can never come to know.
Unwanted espionage is an inevitable thing
and it is unstoppable from its bad habit to follow. 

What are you talking about? 
Ah!!!! about individual secrecy and public rights. 
Those things you have to forgo. 
Otherwise, they will drive you slow. 

Friday, 13 October 2017

Lettering of The Unspoken Grief

They are saying this red dress isn't for me.
A fairer lady can look beautiful wearing it only. 
Mom, you didn't ever crushed your daughter's spree.
Am I really beautiful? or you had lied to me !

They are saying this gown isn't for me.
To look good in that dress I have to become more skinny.
Mom, you used to say, "my beautiful princess is she".
Am I really look like a princess? or you had lied to me !

They are saying that diamond tiara is not for me.
How can such priced piece suit to a monkey faced lady??
But for you mom, I was more priced than any gem or jewelry.
Am I really valuable mom? or you had lied to me !

You all time nurtured and valued my inner quality.
You believed it has nothing to do with my beauty.
Am I really priceless mom? or you had lied to me ! 

Friday, 6 October 2017


Hi there, where are you going?
Have you taken the colorful mask with you?
Promise me..
Even in a toughest point of time, that succumbing agony 
you will not be showing.

 It is all about being harlequins.
You have to put up this mask
irrespective of how weird it seems. 

What? you are a strong man !!
Whenever you have to prove your firmness
inspite of your joblessness,
you will need the mask, you will need this damn.

What? you are an octogenarian !!
Whenever you have to hide the agony
of living apart from your children and family,
that colorful mask will be your only companion. 

O!! you are a beautiful lady !!
When you turn the grief of 
humiliation into an enviable sparkling smile, 
this mask is the only thing that can come handy.

Life is a harlequinade.
Whoever you are, wherever you live.
No one is out of this thread.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

A Tweak in Sanskar

This festive season is going to be remembered for the record number of sale of "cold shoulder" tops. More and more social ethics connoisseurs are much tensed now regarding the extent of risk the dress may generate  for the whole female fraternity. A large plunge in our shoulder may cause both Adrenalin and Testosterone rush among our male counterparts. Then what will happen to our "sanskari samaj" . Though I doubt how many boys are actually becoming voyeuristic due to this uncommon dress design. 

Few days ago a news from the office of Secretary of state in charge of equality between woman and man of France shook the world in curiosity.  When a country invests their thoughts, time and money on a issue like social equality between man and woman it certainly cause eyebrow-rising situation for some people. So, what was the news? 

The Secretary, Marlene Schiappa is going to introduce few rules and regulations to bring cultural equality in French society so that social violence can be brought down tactfully.

What are the rules?

  • Ban wolf-whistling in public.
  • The law will stop man from following woman in public.
  • Asking any woman repeatedly for their contact numbers is also considered illegal.
  • 5,000 Euro will be charged in case breach of these legal guideline.
Why the ethics connoisseurs of our society doesn't think to introduce such rules here? A authority like equality between woman and man can also be set up to maintain the surveillance.  It may be because the rules introduced by Marlene Schiappa can come out siyappa (A Punjabi / Urdu word that stands for problem which causes frustration) for themselves due to their unethical behavior. As, preachers sometimes come out to be more criminal minded than others. The Dera chief and Falahari Baba can be considered as living example.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Saga of a "Black" Doll

In the corner of a house
black doll share the space 
with the heap of dust and thousands of mice.

Her pink chiffon dress
has blackened and 
her curly hair bear the sign of a complete mess.

When it was bought anew,
it used to be everyone's favorite
and the girl had shared it with a few. 

But with the passing time,
it lost its glaze and 
the charming craze about this also drowned in haze.

Today, the long negligence only gave 
the dull skin, ugly looks and 
the curly hair entangled in cobweb.

It seems a hint of racism always 
prevails in mankind.
Otherwise, fairer dolls could never replace the doll from the girl's mind.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Gau(MATA)s of My Country

Gau politics is enjoying special limelight now-a-days. A clan has taken the duty to apotheosis this matter damn seriously. Other factions are not getting tired of loathing such nonsense (according to them) this. By the way our "North Blockadhishwars"  have chosen to stand with the first team. 

Few days ago a news of acid attacks on fifteen cows and oxen from Karmana village in Uttar Pradesh  (India) has spoken volume of the vulnerabilities of this four-legged-two-horned species. The pictures of those suffering animals were so disturbing that the media chose not to share it in their news column. The shaking truth comes out from the villagers information on that issue. That says the unproductive and abandoned (by the owner) were the main target of this heinous crime. 

 Is this situation has any similarity with the present condition of women in our society? The "abandoned" word also get used easily for the women staying in legal separation from their husbands (in old dialect which also stand for the meaning of "Master of house").For those woman our society also holds a vitriolic perception regarding their character and humanity. Sometimes, they also receive the same treatment, as those fifteen bovine specie, from their aggravated-for-being-rejected paramours.

Similarly, the accusation of unproductivity always impends on the fate of the female members in our society. Sometimes, which also begets the cause of such aforementioned "abandance".  From this, one can easily understand that those four-legged creatures and woman in our society are sailing in the same boat in some particular situations. 

It seems like a new vahini of Mahila-rakshak can easily be introduced which will go hand in hand with the new fad of Gau-raksa because the word ''GAU'' also includes the term "MATA" with it. Will the idea be handy?? 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A Winsome Rhapsody

Why should I give them that bit of share?
Mom, here I am.
Standing high among them.
One-day, I used to be the cause of their shame.
Now, they just want a little share of my fame.

But why should I give them that bit of share?
My grief and pain were hard to tame; 
when they used to laugh at me for my
dark skin and healthy body frame. 
That time, it was their nasty, favorite game.

My soul and personality is still the same.
Self-reliance and self-confidence are the two things,
that have suddenly turned me into a gem. 

Sunday, 27 August 2017

A Story of a "HEARTLESS" Lady

She cursed her life, she cursed herself.
Will they ever love her wholeheartedly?
For being a girl-child she was never welcomed her family 

She cursed her life, she cursed herself.
In her childhood, she was always considered inferior;
her future, talent, education everything were the part of some bad humor. 

She cursed her life, she cursed herself.
She her mates are being cuddled and loved.
A lump of grief and hollowness passes through her throat.

She cursed her life, she cursed herself.
She looked for a caring one who can heel all her pain.
She left shuttered finding her wish is going in vain.

She cursed her life, she cursed herself.
Today, she has successfully become a heartless
and the social dogmatism has fallen on its face. 


Sunday, 13 August 2017

Theory of "Survival of Weaker Clan"

A cold flow run down my spine,
when I Step out of my office and it is already nine.

A girl in my locality who
has faced the brutality, was simple enough.
From this, I should know the scene for me is really very tough. 

This is what an actual problem with a girl like me
who has vowed not to accept the "theory 
of weaker clan", that are we. 

We thrive harder to prove our equality.
Which simply increase our popularity,
among the moral gurus of our locality. 
Finally, it fans their wish to spread austerity.

We get chased, messed up and dumped by them.
Sometimes, we also get murdered to scrap our claim.
Again, we resurrect to erase the blame. 
That time scenes become harder to them. 
Because they thought as it is a lioness
it is easier to tame.

Monday, 24 July 2017

An Ode to a Gruesome Society

Scene 1

She was struggling with her dresses and dignity
when a lunatic one driven by cruel libido,
was trying to destroy her sanctity.
The members of her clan in that vicinity 
choose to keep mum 
as they thought it was just because of her fashion priority.

Scene 2

A lady, who choose to balance between family and work,
 was stopped from doing so by a libidinous jerk.
No one cared to stand by her, 
in the fear of facing lethal attack.
Scene 3

In a misty morning , a cold body of a whore, 
was lied on street's pitch floor.
Scars were proving clear it was because of lust
But, each one there were vowed to accuse her past.

Scene 4 

The streets and landmarks are tired of candle vigil.
Such grotesque things have nothing to do in this raw deal.
Self-confidence has only the power to heal
as we have adopted by-standing during violence as a lifestyle skill.