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Saga of a "Black" Doll

In the corner of a house black doll share the space  with the heap of dust and thousands of mice.
Her pink chiffon dress has blackened and  her curly hair bear the sign of a complete mess.
When it was bought anew, it used to be everyone's favorite and the girl had shared it with a few. 
But with the passing time, it lost its glaze and  the charming craze about this also drowned in haze.
Today, the long negligence only gave  the dull skin, ugly looks and  the curly hair entangled in cobweb.
It seems a hint of racism always  prevails in mankind. Otherwise, fairer dolls could never replace the doll from the girl's mind.

Gau(MATA)s of My Country

Gau politics is enjoying special limelight now-a-days. A clan has taken the duty to apotheosis this matter damn seriously. Other factions are not getting tired of loathing such nonsense (according to them) this. By the way our "North Blockadhishwars"  have chosen to stand with the first team. 

Few days ago a news of acid attacks on fifteen cows and oxen from Karmana village in Uttar Pradesh  (India) has spoken volume of the vulnerabilities of this four-legged-two-horned species. The pictures of those suffering animals were so disturbing that the media chose not to share it in their news column. The shaking truth comes out from the villagers information on that issue. That says the unproductive and abandoned (by the owner) were the main target of this heinous crime. 

 Is this situation has any similarity with the present condition of women in our society? The "abandoned" word also get used easily for the women staying in legal separation from their husbands (in old di…

A Winsome Rhapsody

Why should I give them that bit of share? Mom, here I am. Standing high among them. One-day, I used to be the cause of their shame. Now, they just want a little share of my fame.
But why should I give them that bit of share? My grief and pain were hard to tame;  when they used to laugh at me for my dark skin and healthy body frame.  That time, it was their nasty, favorite game.
My soul and personality is still the same. Self-reliance and self-confidence are the two things, that have suddenly turned me into a gem.