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To Eat or Not To Eat That is The Question

A recent research has tried to measure the water footprint of every dwellers of our dear earth. It showed that a person adds up more water foot print in in his/her life history if they eat more animal protein (like various kinds of meat/ egg / fish products). Such kind of animal proteins generally take up more water to get ready to be served as some delicious platters to us. In contrast to this situation the vegetable lover people are leaving less water foot print in their whole life span.

In the current situation it is very crucial to save our earth and that is why the a judicious use of water is an urgent necessity. Some sensible individuals across the world are supporting every necessary steps that are being taken to save our dear earth from being exhausted. And that is why a tyrant leader is getting trolled globally for his unwise decision of pulling out his country's participation from a famous international climate agreement (read Paris Accord).

Besides this, in contemporary t…