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Monday, 24 July 2017

An Ode to a Gruesome Society

Scene 1

She was struggling with her dresses and dignity
when a lunatic one driven by cruel libido,
was trying to destroy her sanctity.
The members of her clan in that vicinity 
choose to keep mum 
as they thought it was just because of her fashion priority.

Scene 2

A lady, who choose to balance between family and work,
 was stopped from doing so by a libidinous jerk.
No one cared to stand by her, 
in the fear of facing lethal attack.
Scene 3

In a misty morning , a cold body of a whore, 
was lied on street's pitch floor.
Scars were proving clear it was because of lust
But, each one there were vowed to accuse her past.

Scene 4 

The streets and landmarks are tired of candle vigil.
Such grotesque things have nothing to do in this raw deal.
Self-confidence has only the power to heal
as we have adopted by-standing during violence as a lifestyle skill.  

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Emergence of an Anachronism

As a ninety kid I can clearly remember that I was a sincere reader of my Bengali textbook "Kisholoy" throughout my primary school days. Many "poor fellow" (as some sophisticated and cultured people used to tag us) like me can easily remember the bewitching impact of "Baburam Sanpure", "Muniram Munshi" and the lobsters and crabs dwelling in "Pakrashi der kankra doba" in their  childhood days. Crazy activity and thoughts of those characters used to make our days more joyous. In those fine days many of us faced various kinds of verbal attacks from our "so called sophisticated" members of society. They used to accuse us of being attracted towards bad culture and social backwardness as well, just for being a student of those vernacular medium free primary schools. They cannot but be surprised after knowing about our lunatic craze for "Gupi Gain Bagha Bain", "Gopal Bhar" and "Abdul Majhi" instead of "Rapunzel" and "Cinderella"

They cannot relate our craze of being anachronistic where the other children of those "sophisticated family" were busy to know about those foreign characters and stories. I found myself facing verbal humiliation regarding my school, its medium of learning and the poor kids who were my friend circle that time. Sometimes such kind of vitriolic words used to devalue my 95 up marks in Bengali to below 50 in my mind. Sometimes it was so embarrassing that I felt ashamed of sharing anything regarding my "Abaitonik Prathamik" school because the representatives of those star rated English medium schools were present there. Its' ok, we all, the"poor Bengali medium fellows" have got the chance in our life to arrange for our ends meet ourselves today.    

Few days back, in a fine morning, I was just turning the newspaper pages casually  to update myself with some news highlights of the day. Then a news made me soliloquize in my mind, "Are they insane?" Because some well known US universities like University of Washington, University of Pennsylvania and University of Chicago are  giving much credence to Bengali as one of the richest South Asian language. It make me feel so surprise that even a foreign body is aware about the richness of our mother language which is being denied by the "circle of so called sophisticated group of Bengali" for years. It made me both proud and a bit emotional at a time. Will this sincere efforts from this well-known US Universities add some importance to our mother language? It may, in future, can save thousands of vernacular medium students from facing those discriminatory comments.

They can feel a less humiliated than us thus. While thinking about this, I clearly saw a a little girl is busy reading "Muniram Munshi / Komorete Ghunshi / Nak diye Sak khay / Konui er dhakkay .....".. And ignoring the derogatory remarks of those "self-proclaimed sophisticated people" of our society. Is this girl has any resemblance with my childhood looks? My eyes became wet after finding the similarity between the so called insanity and anachronism of those US Universities with ours that we have shown years ago.