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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Saga of a "Black" Doll

In the corner of a house
black doll share the space 
with the heap of dust and thousands of mice.

Her pink chiffon dress
has blackened and 
her curly hair bear the sign of a complete mess.

When it was bought anew,
it used to be everyone's favorite
and the girl had shared it with a few. 

But with the passing time,
it lost its glaze and 
the charming craze about this also drowned in haze.

Today, the long negligence only gave 
the dull skin, ugly looks and 
the curly hair entangled in cobweb.

It seems a hint of racism always 
prevails in mankind.
Otherwise, fairer dolls could never replace the doll from the girl's mind.

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