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Sunday, 1 October 2017

A Tweak in Sanskar

This festive season is going to be remembered for the record number of sale of "cold shoulder" tops. More and more social ethics connoisseurs are much tensed now regarding the extent of risk the dress may generate  for the whole female fraternity. A large plunge in our shoulder may cause both Adrenalin and Testosterone rush among our male counterparts. Then what will happen to our "sanskari samaj" . Though I doubt how many boys are actually becoming voyeuristic due to this uncommon dress design. 

Few days ago a news from the office of Secretary of state in charge of equality between woman and man of France shook the world in curiosity.  When a country invests their thoughts, time and money on a issue like social equality between man and woman it certainly cause eyebrow-rising situation for some people. So, what was the news? 

The Secretary, Marlene Schiappa is going to introduce few rules and regulations to bring cultural equality in French society so that social violence can be brought down tactfully.

What are the rules?

  • Ban wolf-whistling in public.
  • The law will stop man from following woman in public.
  • Asking any woman repeatedly for their contact numbers is also considered illegal.
  • 5,000 Euro will be charged in case breach of these legal guideline.
Why the ethics connoisseurs of our society doesn't think to introduce such rules here? A authority like equality between woman and man can also be set up to maintain the surveillance.  It may be because the rules introduced by Marlene Schiappa can come out siyappa (A Punjabi / Urdu word that stands for problem which causes frustration) for themselves due to their unethical behavior. As, preachers sometimes come out to be more criminal minded than others. The Dera chief and Falahari Baba can be considered as living example.


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  2. I love that France has rules in place to minimise the outbursts against women and protect them against catcallers and harassment!


    1. French ladies are really lucky in this regard... I think so... :)

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    1. Thanks... for investing your time for my writing... :)

  4. Such a great article. It's really good thing to have a rules like these for woman, These are the ways to protect and prevent all women from harassment.

    1. Yes.. French Government deserves a kudos for this action..