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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Theory of "Survival of Weaker Clan"

A cold flow run down my spine,
when I Step out of my office and it is already nine.

A girl in my locality who
has faced the brutality, was simple enough.
From this, I should know the scene for me is really very tough. 

This is what an actual problem with a girl like me
who has vowed not to accept the "theory 
of weaker clan", that are we. 

We thrive harder to prove our equality.
Which simply increase our popularity,
among the moral gurus of our locality. 
Finally, it fans their wish to spread austerity.

We get chased, messed up and dumped by them.
Sometimes, we also get murdered to scrap our claim.
Again, we resurrect to erase the blame. 
That time scenes become harder to them. 
Because they thought as it is a lioness
it is easier to tame.

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  1. Hi readers... I am much happy to see the sincere love u guys are ushering to my writings... #Happy_Reading